It starts with an English pangram that is often used for typography testing. However, there's more to the story (which I clumsily crafted). Scattered around the website are 10 pieces of the story, each of which is also a coupon code ranging from 10% to 14%. The format of the pieces are as follow:

[code] - like in the Homepage OR [cryptic code] - you might find one in the Thank You page, which needs to be decrypted first. The code part can be used as a coupon (without the square brackets).

Example: for the piece [OverTheLazyDog."Young], you can use OverTheLazyDog."Young as an discount code (and in fact, that is one of the pieces).


Just simply gather all the 10 pieces (which are also usable discount codes), arrange them back to the complete story, send it to me through email, if it's correct, you will then receive a special prize from the store. After the 10th correct answer, the game will end. The coupons, however, are still valid until the next Treasure Hunt.

So, look through all shapes and sizes, look deep down, look below the surface, do not be afraid to make mistake, do not be afraid to come into contact, write your pages, and last but not least, have fun hunting.

Oh, I noticed that you are a mobile user, this is a piece just for you: [Chap,WhyTheHaste?"The], however, the other pieces would be easier to find in desktop/laptop.